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The Workers Compensation Advocate paralegal, Robert Govaert, has over 20 years experience helping clients receive retroactive and ongoing work injury and disability benefits. If you need help with your case, call our paralegal in Toronto, Robert Govaert, to schedule a free initial consultation. Lawyer referrals are always welcome.

Previous clients say.....

"The first lawyer I hired did not help very much. I switched to Robert Govaert, a paralegal, he helped me receive all my retroactive benefits totaling over $200,000, plus full monthly benefits until I reach 65 years old. I highly recommend the services of Robert Govaert. "  Ken L. – Vaughan, Ontario

"Two law firms refused to take my case. Robert Govaert took my case and I got back over $110,000, plus monthly benefits for life. Robert Govaert is the best and I highly recommend his paralegal services."   Nevenka D. – Etobicoke, Ontario

"You represented me through all the levels of appeal and finally at the final level of appeal, the Tribunal, I won a pension for my 1985 injury and monthly pension benefits for life. I would highly recommend your services."  Marko R. – Rexdale, Ontario

"My doctors said I was too disabled to work, but I was still denied disability benefits. Robert Govaert helped me win both WSIB and CPP disability benefits, plus he helped me win costs for the first hearing ear dog allowed by WSIB in Ontario. All this has indeed improved the quality of my life."  Jerome H. – Mississauga, Ontario

 "Four previous representatives (one lawyer and three paralegals) tried to fight for my WSIB benefits, but they couldn’t win. A miracle helped me find Robert Govaert and thanks to him, I won back 16 years of full WSIB benefits."    Lucy B. – Scarborough, Ontario

"I became depressed as a result of my workplace head injury and could not return to work. My previous lawyer told me I had very little chance to win, so I switched to a paralegal, who really did listen to me and gave me faith, hope and confidence in my case. I won at the Tribunal and recovered over $130,000, plus full benefits until age 65, thanks to Robert Govaert." R.R - Etobicoke, Ontario

"My previous representative said I couldn't win anything and closed my file. I switched to Robert Govaert and he helped me win retroactive benefits of over $230,000, plus $1000 per month until I reach 65 years old. I would highly recommend the services of Robert Govaert."   Samina M - Milton, Ontario 

"Thank you for all your help with my WSIB claim, without you I wouldn't have the benefits I currently have. I felt confident from my first visit with you that you could help me. I also feel I went through a lot less stress having you represent me. Thank you again."

Zdravko N. - Mississauga, Ontario